Doderm Hydro RepairGel
Doderm Hydro RepairGel

Natural skin care for your pet

Doderm Hydro RepairGel

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With antibodies from cow milk

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We are fascinated by a natural active ingredient in dermatology, with its help the skin can be sustainably and effectively restored. We wanted to use this healing power for animal welfare as well. Doderm Hydro RepairGel is the result of 10 years research. It contains natural antibodies that rebalance the skin's microbiome. This is important for healthy skin and its intact barrier function against germs. We are proud that Doderm succeeds in developing unique products with this knowledge from immunology, microbiome and dermatology.

Doderm huidgel voor honden en paarden tegen jeuk

Small Bottle, Big Change

Doderm Hydro RepairGel is suitable for the care of sensitive and irritated skin. This skin can be recognized by redness, scaling, roughness and or swelling. Doderm Hydro RepairGel consists of antibodies and plant extracts to soothe the skin and for regeneration. The combination of ingredients ensure that the skin becomes and remains resilient. For best results, apply a thin layer of the gel to the skin 2-3 times a day. Due to the natural composition of Doderm Hydro RepairGel, it can be used long-term.

Our philosophy: good for your animal & good for the planet

We strive for a balanced ecosystem so that together we can ensure a healthier world for animals, nature and people. Together we bring your pet's microbiome back into balance - without antibiotics, instead sustainable.

Years of scientific research have gone into this. We have discovered that the first milk of the cow contains an entire defense system for the calf. We use this cocktail of good ingredients, which is a surplus in the dairy industry, in our product. We add it back to your pet's skin - for a healthier life, naturally.

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Doderm verzorging vacht dieren

The natural alternative

The chafing spot on my horse was simply gone within a few days!

My horse had a chafing spot on his withers and with the Doderm RepairGel this has grown over and healed within a few days. Highly recommended for any animal owner!

My dog's itch is finally over. We are really amazed at the result.

My dog ​​had a lot of recurring hot spots and itching in many different places. We treated him with Doderm and he is now finally itch free.

Your step-by-step plan for the best result

STEP 1. Washing

Wash the area to be treated with lukewarm water and dog shampoo. Let the shampoo soak in briefly, then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water until the shampoo runs clear. Then dry the skin by dabbing with a clean towel. Do not use a hair dryer for this purpose.

jeuk behandelen hond wassen
STEP 2. Start applying

Apply a thin layer of Doderm RepairGel to the irritated skin 2 to 3 times a day.

STEP 3. First results
First results become visible after 3 to 5 days. Then continue to apply Doderm RepairGel until the skin has fully recovered. This will take an average of 2 to 3 weeks
goede huid paard
jeuk behandelen paard
honden behandelen jeuk
STEP 4. Happy animal

Your animal feels good again. You can enjoy each other's company again.

That makes Doderm special

Microbiome support
Natural Product
Natural Product

The science behind Doderm Hydro Repair Gel

In and on our body there are many micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses and yeasts. Collectively, these microorganisms are called the microbiome.This is completely natural and good. When balanced, they protect our skin and keep it healthy.

Staphylococci, or "ordinary" skin bacteria, can enter the skin when the skin's microbiome is damaged. They weaken the skin: it becomes vulnerable to bacterial infections. The Staphylococcus toxins then cause skin inflammation.

How can we keep the microbiome healthy when we look at nature?

One phenomenon is the first milk of the calving cow. In the first week, it provides the calf with vital defence substances. This is important because the calf was not connected to the placenta during gestation. Its immune defence must therefore be built up immediately after birth with the mother's milk. Its first feed (colostrum) contains the corresponding amount of antibodies - like a mini-immune system that the cow passes on to the calf. After the calf has already received enough antibodies, we extract these antibodies from the milk. We have developed the special procedure for this over 10 years of research. Now we add these actively extracted antibodies from the milk to our Doderm Hydro RepairGel and supplement its range of action with other natural remedies, such as hammamelis, honey, oats and ......

Together with other important ingredients, we can help the skin to fight the bacteria. We nourish and support the skin's natural microbiome. As a result, the skin regains resistance. The "good" bacteria return and are nourished by our skin gel, while the "bad" ones disappear. The pH values of the skin are brought back into the right balance for dogs, cats and horses.

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