About us


We strive to create a balanced ecosystem, to ensure a healthier world for our animals, for our nature and for the next generation.

We use raw materials that are circular and rely on natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, greatly reducing the need for antibiotics.

All our products are made in accordance with human quality standards and the strictest scientific criteria to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Beatrix Förster

I started Doderm in 2020 out of a strong belief that natural antibodies have a healing effect. I am fascinated by the regenerative power of animal skin when supported by methods similar to nature.

As an expert in immunotherapies for certain diseases, I have delved deeply into oncology, dermatology and allergy research. Since my PhD at the Max Planck Institute in Martinsried, I have been researching therapeutic antibodies. At the leading (animal) clinics of Stanford, LMU Munich and Utrecht Universities, I have acquired extensive knowledge about strengthening the microbiome of animal skin. In order to make this usable in the human and veterinary field, I developed the most innovative biotechnological processes for production in the following years. This finally made it possible to produce antibody formats suitable for pharmaceutical and medical purposes! This understanding and the relevant patents are the foundation of Doderm's product development.

I am an enthusiastic nature lover, and whenever possible I enjoy walking with my family and our dog through the wild Mosel landscape around Koblenz or the dunes around Utrecht.

Roel Boersma

From a young age I have been riding horses and in general I’m crazy about animals. It is therefore no coincidence that, as a food technologist with a strong connection to the agricultural sector, I’ve always devoted my career to animals, animal nutrition and sustainability. Important steps in this were my own consultancy agency for the equine sector, the production of high-quality animal feed and participating in the industrialization of sustainable ingredients based on insects. When Bea Förster told me about her groundbreaking innovation, I was immediately excited! For long the immune power of colostrum has been known - but no one before her saw in it the possibility to heal other animals. It's like so often: nature is rich in active substances, you just have to know how to understand them. Now, as commercial director (CCO), I’m responsible for the marketing and sales of Doderm. With my broad expertise, I also contribute to business development and to shape the relationships with our investors.


The start

Dr. Beatrix Förster worked at a biotech company that developed antibodies against human cancer. In her work there, she was confronted with the fatal consequences of antibiotic-resistant infections and at the same time learned to appreciate the enormous potential of antibodies.

The finding
It was then investigated in detail whether the bacteria in cows are the same as in humans. It turned out that the protective antibodies in cow's milk are also useful for human skin. Detailed studies on dogs followed later. Again with great results. Dr Beatrix Förster has spoken extensively with dermatologists and they have pointed out that humans and dogs are very similar in the microbiome.

The need
Dr Beatrix Förster spoke to numerous vets and dog owners. In the discussion, it quickly became clear that they were looking for something that would be effective in the long term.

honden behandelen jeuk

The creation
Many suggestions from practicing veterinarians emerged for the desired associated curative functions of the antibody treatment. With natural plant extracts and proven substances for gentle wound care, Doderm has succeeded in offering an incredibly wide range of skin care products. This has resulted in a complete skin product for horses, dogs and cats!

The company's founding
During the more than 10-year research and development phase, the idea of ​​innovative skin healing with cow's milk antibodies has infected many. Numerous well-founded private investors support the start-up with financial strength and expertise. With Doderm, the state of Rhineland-Palts promotes medicines with antibodies that make part of the use of antibiotics and cortisone superfluous. For the benefit of people, animals and the environment.


Since the beginning of our journey, we have already received some great awards.

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