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Get to know the microbiome

There are many micro-organisms in and on our bodies, such as bacteria, viruses and yeasts. That's natural. Collectively, these microorganisms are referred to as the microbiome. It's the same in animals.

When your microbiome is damaged, bacteria can emerge there, such as staphylococci.The skin becomes infected when they get out of hand.
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What are Staphylococci?

Staphylococci belong to the "ordinary" skin bacteria. However, they cannot just cause an infection on their own. Only when the skin barrier is damaged by environmental influences such as UV radiation or excessive scratching do they gain "entry" into the body. This can happen as a result of a malfunctioning composition of the skin microbiome (dysbiosis). Then the risk of infection increases.

This leads to skin with weakened resistance, which is susceptible to bacterial infections. The Staphylococcus toxins then cause skin inflammation.

Cow's milk as an immune system

A cow contains a lot of staphylococci! That is why a cow protects her calf with many antibodies that are in the cow's milk. Unlike humans, the young animal does not receive any antibodies from the mother via the placenta during its pregnancy. Therefore, after birth, the calf receives its antibodies through the milk (especially the first milk): the colostrum.

In particular, antibodies attach to the toxins and take the “weapon” away from the bacteria. As a result, the skin regains resistance.The "good" bacteria return and are nourished by our skin gel, while the "bad" ones disappear. The PH levels in the skin are brought back into the right balance for dog and horse.

Doderm uses the milk from the third milking. It is surplus in agriculture and is usually thrown away. Gently purified, and filtered, the concentration of pure (active) antibodies remains.They are diverse and "intelligent": they only act against the bacteria where they are actually needed.

More ingredients

In addition to cow's milk, we use other ingredients to soothe and restore the skin. We use honey to inhibit inflammation. We also use Ceramides. These are building blocks to close the skin barrier. We use oats to combat the itching.

Ballonrebe and Calendula are plant substances and very suitable for wound healing and regeneration of the skin. We also use vitamins A + E + B for a good recovery.
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Our commitment

We strive to create a balanced ecosystem, to ensure a healthier world for our animals, for our nature and for the next generation.

We use raw materials that are circular and rely on natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties, greatly reducing the need for antibiotics.

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