Why does my dog itch?

Does your dog have irritated skin that he keeps scratching, licking or biting? You worry and wonder what is behind your dog's skin problem. Because let's face it, itching can be very frustrating! In this blog, we explain how it is possible that dogs suffer from skin irritations faster than humans and what you can do if your dog suffers from skin irritations.


How skin irritations occur 

Dogs are naturally curious. Spending time outside gives them the chance to explore, exercise and interact with other dogs and people. This naturally exposes them to environmental factors.

Outside, our dogs come into contact with bacteria, fungi and parasites. These are found in soil, grass and water. When these bacteria,fungi or parasites come into contact with the dog's skin, they can cause skin irritations. This often leads to itching, causing your dog to scratch, lick or even bite excessively. This activates the skin irritation, making it worse and causing bald patches and sometimes even wounds. This increases the chances of infections creating a vicious cycle that is difficult to get out of and the symptoms worsen.


Why dogs are more susceptible to skin infections

The fact that dogs' skin is more susceptible to infections is mainly due to its special structure and composition. It is thinner and less firm than our skin. This is because dogs' skin consists of 2 to 3 times fewer layers of skin cells than our skin. In addition, dog skin renews itself more often, about every 20 days. As a result, a dog's skin largely lacks the protective horny layer of dead skin cells, which in humans acts as a protective barrier between the body and the external environment. As a result, they lack the skin layer that prevents the penetration of harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and allergens into the deeper skin layers. These are precisely the micro-organisms that cause skin infections. In addition, dogs' fur has a lower acid content than human skin. This creates an environment that promotes the growth of certain micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, leading to a higher risk of infections.


The dog's coat

In dogs, several hairs grow from fused hair follicles (in humans, one hair grows from one hair follicle). Some of these hairs have a thicker diameter (outer coat hairs), while most have a finer diameter (undercoat).
A dog's hair grows in cycles. When it reaches a certain length, which depends on the dog's genetic characteristics, it stops growing, dies and the hairs fall out. The ample hair follicles of fallen hair, provide an excellent habitat for bacteria and fungi allowing them to spread easily over the skin surface. Moreover, a dog's coat can retain moisture close to the skin, creating a warm and humid environment. This can promote the growth of microorganisms and increase the likelihood of skin infections.

Treating skin irritations

If you notice that your dog's skin is irritated because he runs around scratching, biting or licking at 1 spot a lot. Perhaps you even see bald spots developing! Then it is always a good idea to consult your vet and look for the cause. Healthy dog skin requires skincare that suits the species. If you know the basics of your dog's skin, you can better understand its needs and make better decisions about skin and coat care. Doderm Hydro RepairGel is specially formulated for dog skin and supports skin with a weakened skin barrier that is prone to irritation and inflammation. The aim is to create skin that is resistant to environmental factors, so that your dog is comfortable again! What makes our skin gel unique is that it contains filtered antibodies from cow colostrum (colostrum), which naturally supports skin irritation recovery. Want to know more about how Doderm Hydro RepairGel can relieve your dog's itching? Then read our page on exactly how Doderm Hydro RepairGel works. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Remember that outdoor activities are essential for the health and well-being of our dogs, even though their skin may be more prone to infections than ours. Doderm's goal is healthy, environmentally resistant skin. Get out there with your four-legged friend and enjoy nature!

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